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Privacy is an important issue so no personal information will ever be given, rented or sold to any third-party. ( There is one obvious exclusion - we do need to pass your name to the hotel in order to make a booking. )

We only collect personal information that you freely volunteer.

  1. In order to make bookings for you, we will need you to give us your name and contact details.
  2. To improve our web service we collect aggregate website usage information; this information cannot identify individuals.

Justonehotel is the trading name of US Booking Services Ltd of Glasgow, Scotland. We have been making hotel reservations all over the world since 1998.

Our idea for justonehotel is based on the fact that you just stay at one hotel at one time so it's most important that you pick the right one. Everyone has their own ideas of which hotel will suit them best so we can’t pick it for you but we can make it more difficult to pick a bad one.

Our online reservations system is simple, easy to use and secure but if you need to contact us we are open to take calls :

Monday - Friday : 9am to 6.30pm
Saturday : 9 am to 5.30pm
Sunday and UK Bank Holidays : Closed

100 Berkeley Street
G3 7HU
Tel: 0845 644 2283

oranges_logoJustonehotel Booking Terms & Conditions


Payment is taken for a confirmed booking at the time of confirmation, if the booking has not been confirmed no payment will have been taken. If payment has not been received for a confirmed booking we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

Standard Cancellation Policy

If you cancel more than 7 days before arrival a charge of 20% will be made.
If you cancel less than 7 days before arrival a charge of 100% will be made.
If you do not arrive at the hotel on your confirmed date a charge of 100% will be made.
No refund is possible for unused services.

There are exceptions to this cancellation policy - if so, you will be informed before booking.

Booking Modifications

To make a change to your booking please call 0845 644 2283 during office hours. If the change is possible there will be an amendment fee of £20 in addition to any change in rate.

Changes to booking dates will only be considered more than 7 days before arrival, a change in dates where the arrival date is less than 7 days away is considered as a cancellation.

Just One Hotel
100 Berkeley Street
G3 7HU

US Booking Services Ltd, SC191330 Registered in Scotland T/A Just One Hotel